How to Disable the Startup Splash Screen in Windows 7

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To disable the startup splash screen in Windows 7, you need to use the System Configuration dialog box.

Use the following steps to open the System Configuration dialog box.

1 – Click on the Start Menu.
2 – Click on Control Panel.
3 – Click on System and Security.
4 – Click on Administrative Tools.
5 – Double click on System Configuration.
6 – Click on the Boot tab.

Screenshot of the System Configuration dialog box from Windows 7

Areas to take note of:

Boot Options
These check boxes help you configure how your Operating System behaves during it’s initial start up process.

How to Turn off the Windows Splash Screen During Start Up

From the Boot tab on the System Configuration Screen, enable the check box called No GUI Boot under the Boot options section. Then click the Apply button to save the changes. You will then be prompted to restart your PC to apply the changes.

Windows 7 Start Up
Posted 19 Oct 2012, 18:16

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